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As a Disruptive Pioneer with a track record stretching back more than thirty years, Peter began his career in the leisure industry before launching ventures in the international postal services, telecommunications and factoring markets. Having conducted business in 24 countries over 30 years, today he runs a diverse portfolio of businesses and has extensive property interests around Warwickshire in the United Kingdom.


An Emmy nominated songwriter, Lenna is also the inventor of the Patented purse hook, an accessory that she has successfully sold into markets all over the world. An established successful international businesswoman, Lenna is currently working Peter Warwick in a JV business whilst, at the same time, continuing to pursue her varied and complimentary interests across the globe.


Sara Webber has been Peter Warwick's personal assistant for more than 13 years and in that capacity she provides invaluable and essential support in the day-to-day running of the business. If you have a question about the business, Sara should be your first port of call. There is very little she doesn't know about the operation and the chances are she'll be able to answer most questions or put you in touch with the relevant businesses or people who can if she cannot.